Curating Indie Coffee Shops & Roasters


I’m Liam and I created Bean Label to discover and curate the great independent coffee shops and roasters across the UK. In the past, I’ve found myself sucked into the corporate network of international coffee chains, completely oblivious to the fact that coffee could taste so much better than the drinks served up by the big chains. After experiencing my first coffee in an independent speciality coffee shop, I wanted to create a resource that helped other people find these fantastic experiences and flavours across the country.

I also wanted to create a platform to share the stories of the people behind the UK indie coffee scene. There’s no structured route into the coffee industry, and every shop and roastery owner has a completely unique story of how they discovered and fell in love with coffee, and how they are trying to bring their own unique vision to market. Over coffee, I film the conversations that I have with each shop owner, hopefully giving you a useful resource to identify coffee shops and experiences that you’d like to try out yourself.

I hope you enjoy discovering these places as much as I do.

Coffee Bean